Early Resolution Court – What is it?

If you have allegedly been caught drink driving or committing another relatively minor traffic or criminal offence then the police will contact you to ask whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty. If you tell them you are pleading guilty then they will ask you if you want the matter transferred into the Early Resolution Court. This is a court that allows matters to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. It allows the defendant to receive the maximum discount that is allowed for by an early guilty plea. Rather than waiting for a summons you can get a court date far quicker.

That said, it is important that you contact us prior to attending the Early Resolution Court. You may think that you have been caught red handed for your drink driving or drug driving offence and that you must wear the penalty. But as we know our licences are extremely important to our day to day lives. The minimum penalties are severe for drink driving. Before you attend court, by speaking with us you may find that you have a technical defence to the charge.

Just because you have elected to have the matter dealt with in the Early Resolution Court and told police that you are pleading guilty does not mean it is too late to speak with us.

As traffic law specialists in Adaide our lawyers can help you defend the charge or ensure that you have piece of mind that you will receive the minimum penalty.

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