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Mangan Ey & Associates named First Tier Leading Criminal Defence Law Firm

The Doyles Guide is the most comprehensive guide to Australia’s best lawyers, law firms and barristers. The lists are compiled by online peer-based surveys as well as extensive telephone and face to face interviews with clients, peers and relevant industry bodies.

In 2017, for the third year in a row, Mangan Ey & Associates have been named in the First Tier of leading criminal law firms in Adelaide.

Stephen Ey was named, for the third year in a row, preeminent leading criminal solicitor in criminal defence.  Preeminent Lawyer is defined as someone who consistently draws the praise of both client and peers.

For the first time our newly appointed partner Andrew Ey has been named as a recommended leading solicitor in criminal defence.  Recommended lawyer is defined as someone who displays particular skills or attributes within criminal law.

So, if you do have to go to Court for a criminal law or traffic law matter in Adelaide; be sure to call a First Tier leading criminal defence law firm adelaide.

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