Tougher Penalties for Drug Driving


Did you know…

That the penalties for driving with illicit drugs in your system increased in March 2018??

As of 8 March 2018, all drivers caught driving with a prescribed drug in their system face a mandatory licence disqualification, even if it is a first offence and police issue an expiation notice. The minimum mandatory disqualification periods imposed by the courts also increased significantly.

Drug driving attracts mandatory fines. While there was no change to the mandatory fine amounts with the March 2018 changes, the fines were already hefty.

The current penalties for drug driving are:

• Expiation Notice issued: 3 months disqualification, fine of $600
• First Offence: Minimum 6 months disqualification, fine of between $900 and $1300
• Second Offence: Minimum 12 months disqualification, fine of between $1100 and $1600
• Third Offence: Minimum 2 years disqualification, fine of between $1500 and $2200
• Subsequent Offence: Minimum 3 years disqualification, fine of between $1500 and $2200

Demerit points apply to all offences.

Determining whether a driver has committed a first, second, third or subsequent offence for the purposes of sentencing will depend on the date of each offence. If you are charged with a drug driving offence please contact one of our experienced lawyers on 8227 2322 as soon as possible.