The Gambling Intervention Court

From July 1 2015 the Adelaide Magistrates Court introduced the new Gambling Intervention Program. The program is initially being trialled for 18 months.

If your criminal law offending is primarily linked to a problem gambling disorder then you may be eligible for the program. The idea of the program is to ensure that prior to sentencing – you get the one-on-one therapy from the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service to ensure that you are rehabilitated and unlikley to reoffend in the future. In addition to the therapy there is also further support to access services such as housing and relationship counselling. The program ensures that the offender takes responsibility for their actions. The program will also utilise restorative justice that tries to involve victims in a transparent way. It is anticipated that successful participants may avoid an immediate custodial sentence.

If your criminal law issue is related to a gambling problem then it is important that you contact our criminal law firm to ensure that you get the best possible result. Our specialist criminal lawyers can help you avoid an immediate custodial sentence and ensure you get the help you require.

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