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Tougher Penalties for Domestic Violence


The new Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman, intends to take a tougher stance on domestic violence offenders.

In new legislation to be introduced to the South Australia Parliament, defendants convicted of a domestic assault will face increased penalties with the maximum penalty being increased to 4 years imprisonment, as opposed to the current maximum penalty of 3 years imprisonment. Additionally, it will be proposed that repeat offenders, defendants convicted a second or subsequent time within a five year period will also face tougher penalties.

This legislation is yet to pass through parliament however it highlights the importance of seeking legal advice from an experienced criminal law specialist prior to entering a guilty plea to an offence. It is important to be aware of the penalties involved as the consequences may have significant impact upon a defendant further down the track.

At Mangan Ey & Associates in Adelaide and Murray Bridge, we pride ourselves in always being up to date with the current legislation which is forever changing.

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