Why you should be represented at Court.travelling or working overseas

Let’s think about this scenario:

You’ve been charged with a criminal offence.  You attend Court for the first time. There are people milling around, the Court room is full of people and it is incredibly busy.  You are guilty of the offence that you have been charged with and therefore wish to have your matter finalised as quickly as possible.  You haven’t had an opportunity to obtain legal advice but the thought of having to return to the Court another time is far too daunting and embarrassing to bear.  You plead guilty unrepresented and are content to receive whatever penalty you are given.

What’s the worse that could happen?

  1. You could be convicted and lose your job

A criminal conviction may result when you plead guilty or are found guilty of a criminal offence.  A conviction will appear on your South Australian Police Clearance and your National Police Clearance “often referred to as your criminal history”.  There are many consequences that can flow as a result of a conviction.

A criminal conviction may have serious repercussions on your current or future employment.  The following industries require a copy of your criminal history: law, health, hospitalitysecurityteaching and mining.  This is of course not an exhaustive list.  There are many employers who as a part of their interview process require a copy of your criminal history.

A criminal conviction may also prevent you from: holding a Firearms Licence, travelling or working overseas or from volunteering.

We will provide you with advice about whether you are a good candidate not to have a conviction recorded against you.  If having a conviction recorded would affect you, then we would make submissions pursuant to the Criminal Law (Sentencing) Act 1988 that the Court refrain from recording a conviction.

  1. You could receive a substantial penalty

We are experienced in making submissions to the Court.  We will provide you with advice about what sort of penalty you may expect and the things you could do to potentially reduce the penalty imposed.  After speaking to you about your matter we will have a better understanding of what the relevant or mitigating factors in your case are.  We will then present your version to the Court.

  1. You pled guilty to something you didn’t do

We pride ourselves on going through all matters with a fine-tooth comb.  We all also have a sound knowledge of criminal law.  There could potentially be a defence available to you or you may in fact be guilty of a lesser charge.

We really can’t re-iterate enough how important it is to obtain advice from an experienced criminal lawyer from Adelaide.  If you are charged with an offence please contact our office to make an appointment with one of our experienced criminal lawyers.

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