Police Announce Temporary Withdrawal of LIDAR Speed Devices

The South Australian Police have recently released a statement announcing they will be withdrawing their use of LIDAR speed devices as a means of detecting speeding motorists.

The announcement comes after 3 Supreme Court decisions which found the way in which these devices are used and tested by Police do not comply with the State’s evidentiary standard.

SAPOL’s decision to withdraw the use of these devices has meant they will be withdrawing up to 125 current prosecutions before the Courts which are based on defendants challenging the accuracy of these devices.

SAPOL have also announced that motorists who have received an expiation notice which involved a LIDAR speed device then an application for review can be made to SAPOL. Each matter will be determined on a case by case basis however this recent announcement provides strong grounds for motorists to make the review application. This is not retrospective so any expiation notices already acknowledged and paid by a motorist will not be eligible for the review.

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SAPOL’s full statement can be read on the following link:


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