Drink Driving, how can I keep my licence?

We get numerous enquires about what people can do to keep their licence after a drink driving offence.

First let’s define the terminology;

Exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA)- is when police allege a driver has driven a motor vehicle or attempted to put a motor vehicle in motion while there is present in his or her blood the prescribed concentration of alcohol.

The penalty range depends on what the reading of the alcotest.  This is divided into; category 1, category 2 and category 3.  The penalties are; fines and a period of licence disqualification.

Driving under the influence (DUI)- is when police allege that the driver is so much under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs that they are incapable of exercising effective control of the vehicle.

The maximum penalty for a DUI first offence is a fine, or imprisonment for not more than three months.  For a subsequent DUI offence the maximum fine increases and the maximum term of imprisonment is not more than six months.

We often get enquiries about how to apply for work licences, or special exemption licences.  Please let us clear this up- there are no such licences.

Once you are charged with any drink driving offence (if your blood alcohol reading is over 0.08) you will receive an instant loss of licence.

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