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Lawyers specialising in traffic and criminal law, Mangan Ey & Associates stands head and shoulders above Adelaide law firms.

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35+ Years Experience

With over 35+ years’ experience, we’ll handle your matter with care, discretion and professionalism in a cost effective and no-nonsense manner.

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Award Winning Criminal Lawyers

Our professional legal team has years of experience providing Adelaide locals with dedicated legal service.

What We Do


Criminal Law

We specialise in all criminal law no matter how serious or minor the charge. We service all criminal courts here in Adelaide and South Australia. Our experienced criminal lawyers will handle your criminal law matter with care and dedication. We are committed to ensuring you get the best result for you in a timely and cost effective manner. Charges include theft, assault, drug trafficking, fraud and murder to name a few.


Traffic Law

Traffic law, like criminal law is our specialty. Our dedicated traffic lawyers based in Adelaide can give you expert legal advice on expiation notices, traffic law offences and appear for you in court. We have had countless successes in reducing demerit points and appealing licence disqualifications. Our driver’s licences are so important to us so make sure you call for expert traffic law advice before you pay the fine.


Know Your Rights

You have certain rights when being arrested or spoken to by police. Dealing with the police and going to court are often foreign concepts for people. It is important that you obtain sound advice from criminal law specialists in Adelaide to ensure that you understand what is and is not required of you when dealing with your criminal or traffic law matter.

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About Us

Meet The Team

One of Adelaide’s oldest and experienced specialist criminal law firms, Mangan Ey & Associates was formed in 1982 when current Managing Partner Stephen Ey amalgamated with John Mangan, now deceased, and Julie Bishop, current Australian deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Incredible Reputation


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Criminal Lawyers Adelaide

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Mangan Ey & Associates provide the leading criminal lawyers Adelaide

As one of Adelaide’s well established law firms, Mangan Ey & Associates also have the most experienced and leading criminal lawyers Adelaide. The firm was established in 1982 and has the capacity to serve all courts in Adelaide and in regional South Australia. Our associates focus on providing expert legal advice on criminal and traffic offences from the initial meeting, till the end. The firm is well known and respected amongst the judiciary, members of the legal profession and the police prosecution. Our leading criminal lawyers Adelaide will ensure that you have the best result. We will seek to attain withdrawal or downgrading of charges. We have represented many high profile clients, such as sportsmen and affluent individuals of the community. Mangan Ey provide you with legal advice in every area of criminal law. This includes, but not limited to, drug offences, assault, theft, deception and fraud.

Professional leading Criminal lawyers Adelaide will defend your position in every case

Within and outside the courts jurisdiction, Mangan Ey & Associates leading criminal lawyers Adelaide have the capacity to provide you with the best legal representation. Our criminal lawyers Adelaide are qualified to defend a range of criminal law areas such as murder, drug offences, assault, and theft. Our criminal defence lawyers are qualified to recognise the potential charges for a case, understand the precedent for a given area of criminal law, have the capacity to interpret all legislation and apply it to your case.  Once you give us a call, our criminal lawyers Adelaide will be able to provide you with immediate and confidential advice. Following this, we will be able to work with you in a professional manner and provide you with in-depth legal advice in a private consultation. Additionally, our lawyers are available 24/7 for a legal consultation and aim to achieve a downgrading or withdrawal of charges.

Skilled leading Criminal lawyers Adelaide

Mangan Ey & Associates have a range of extensively skilled leading Criminal lawyers Adelaide. Our lawyers are able to provide you with advice in all areas of criminal law. These areas of criminal law include murder & manslaughter, drug offences, and sexual assault. Mangan Ey & Associates leading criminal lawyers Adelaide will recognise all the potential penalties that may arise in the case and identify all the issues to be fought against in court. Our lawyers will seek to limit all charges put against you and if possible get these charges dropped. Subsequently, if you choose to plead guilty we will prepare you for the outcome in  our experienced trial counsel. We will provide you with the best advice and peace of mind.

Mangan Ey & Associates are the most experienced leading criminal lawyers Adelaide who can provide you with the best representation in and outside the court.

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