Specialists in Criminal and Traffic Law

The reason we are specialists in criminal and traffic law here in Adelaide is we understand it gives us a competitive edge over other law firms in our chosen field.

Traffic law and Criminal law is continually evolving as new laws are passed every day. By choosing to practice solely in these areas the client can be rest assured that we are across any changes in Legislation and will get them the best result possible.

It has recently been reported by Ms Stefanie Garber in “Lawyers Weekly” that “Specialists gain edge over full service firms”. In her article she quoted Tim Williams, founder of Ignition Consulting Group who stated:

The most successful companies don’t try to sell to everyone; they are squarely focused on a particular segment of the market.

That is why here at Mangan Ey & Associates we focus purely on traffic and criminal law. By choosing Mangan Ey & Associates as your lawyers here in Adelaide you will get the specialist advice that the area requires, which, in turn means you will achieve the best result.

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